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t-minus 17 days to launch

My flight out is in less than three weeks. A (sorta) new life, a fresh start, a… well, a move. A move to a quiet corner of Japan, seven thousand miles away from here. And yet not far from home. My aunt and uncle’s homes, anyways.

It’s funny, I don’t feel much of anything at all. Some stress, sure. I had a crazy stress dream the other morning about waking up and being late for my first day of teaching, and every time I walked into the teachers' room, I woke up to my alarm and tried again. From spilling coffee on my outfit to crashing my bike to forgetting my shoes, something always kept me from arriving on time. Guh. I hope it’s just training so I’m super early on the actual day.

Yeah, I guess it’s a little scary. I’m not as concerned with ~ah, new country, how do i surviiiive~ because I speak Japanese pretty well and have family there. At worst, there will just be a lot of embarrassment! Though that’s a given whenever you go somewhere new. The biggest thing on my mind is that it’s a big step, one that will change me. But it’s as much a step as any I’ve ever taken. With every move I’ve made, I’ve learned and grown and changed. I think by being really open to being changed by my experiences, there’s not much stress, you know? What do I have to hold on to?

Anyways, logistics are a small headache. I still have to pack. There’s some things I still need to buy, like power converters and underwear and souvenirs/gifts. COVID test scheduling. Figuring out how I’m going to say goodbye to everyone I want to see before I go. Trying not to panic when I think about moving my luggage from plane to hotel to employer or uncle’s house to whatever apartment I end up renting. Trying really hard not to panic when I think about apartment hunting. Rescheduling clients to meet me at like… 7am Japan time, lmao. All the mundane stuff feels much bigger than the move itself! I guess once I’m settled in with my feet kicked up, it’ll all wash over me. But til then, headache.

Luckily, I still have time. Though given how quickly this week has flown by already, I suspect my departure date will be upon me before I know it.

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