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Simple Solo TTRPG Tools

I dabble in solo TTRPGs (thank you!) that require a variety of tools from dice to tarot cards. Sometimes I don't have them at hand so I figured it'd be nice to have a page with some simple dice rollers and card decks. Enjoy!

Made this dice roller myself to practice JS a little. Super basic but feel free to use! Features multi-dice rolling, detailed rolls, and history.

While setting up Wretched & Alone, I had to find an alternative to the tumbling block tower. Here, I'm including the code for a 100d6 dice roller, made by Max Kämmerer. The idea was originally by Speak the Sky in this thread. I've made no alterations to Max's code except for minor edits to JS tags to work on this page.

Roll the remaining dice: 100

    Input the number of tarot cards to draw and choose options. Minor Arcana with No Pages is equivalent to a 52-card playing card deck, where Hearts = Cups, Diamonds = Pentacles, Clubs = Wands, and Spades = Swords. Data from metabismuth on Github.

    Remaining Cards: 78