I went to a used bookstore in Wakayama and found this killer digital design magazine. Check it out! I may translate some of it later, but no promises.

Contact me if you want any more scans :)

design plex (デザインプレックス) issue #25, from May 1999. contains an interview of Rodney Alan Greenblatt, character designer of Parappa, in preparation for his upcoming exhibitions in Japan.
back cover
ad on back cover
i like the interface.
iMac book manifesto??
making icons with Illustrator 8 and Photoshop 5
spring has come!
what cute windows...
cute color palette
another cute palette
some desktop publishing software tutorials
colors :)
very windowed
a feature on animation with Digital Fusion 2.5
inspired me
a column about animating with Maya
kinda reminds me of melonking
an interview with director and fx artist Takagi Toshimatsu (cw for ass)
You might be bored by those tedious contents.
last page of an interview with effects artists Asaba Shoji, Yashima Hideki, and Kato Yasuhiro + events calendar
the three designers comprised design group MIL (idk what it stands for); i think these are from their demo reel?
"New" tech reviews
cool fonts
new camera

More coming someday soon!