I am incredibly indecisive.

Finding Neocities was incredible for me. It recalled my childhood of scrolling through Sonic fansites on Angelfire, combing Geocities sites for posters from Sonic Underground or a way to download Sonic CD. Thinking myself too young to make my own site, I had to hold on until Neopets to get my first taste of HTML. But once I made my first functional petpage (a character roster for an RP I was in, oh god), I never looked back.

Design is not my forte, but my puzzle-loving brain can't get enough of it. I love finding new ways to present or strucure information, from infographics to site maps. And individual webpages are no different. As a result, Ocean Waves v3.0 has already been released to the ether. The JS fiddlebox used to be the whole kit and kaboodle! And now, I'm repurposing the v2 homepage as my Animal Crossing shrine.

By the way, I'll be putting this in the credits section, but this is a customized version of theme n-131 by foollovers. Goodness knows I'll probably redesign this site again sometime soon. But until then, I have learned a lot from this one. Doubtless, I'll continue to learn as I fiddle with it throughout its lifetime.