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Added: 2020-12-10 | Updated: 2020-12-10
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I want to detech. I'm not sure yet if that means simply using tech less, or using it less wastefully. Is it chill if I use it to, say, organize my knowledge? Read a bunch of stuff? Should I be less concerned about "social media rots your brain!" and more concerned about "screens rot your happiness!"?

I think I already lead a somewhat de-tech'd existence. I don't really use social media. I don't have any Alexas or anything. Though I do concede that I have my laptop on a lot, even if I am trying to use it well. Looking at screens all the time can't be good for you...

use laptop less — try to print articles? download as pdfs and use e-reader? is there a way to connect my 7-year-old nook to a local content server to fetch pdfs of stuff to read??

use phone less — uninstall social apps or at least remove their icons from home. I've already developed an aversion to that photo app :P
🔜 delete all my socials once i move away from here

re-normalize writing in notebooks (but also be more mindful/intentional about using them)
  • daily planner
  • assorted study notes
  • commonplace book
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
  • recipes


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