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I was in a discussion on Scuttlebutt about digital gardens, and Seán pointed out that

a lot of these newer ‘digital gardens’ which I’ve explored ... don’t feel particularly personal to me in the same way that, say, a journal does - or even a Neocities site. Like, they have a bunch of content, but very little aesthetic/personality. Automation / mechanization is useful, but can end up flattening an otherwise personal space into something which feels more like an encyclopedia than a journal.
This garden certainly has a sort encyclopedic feel, with its categories and such. Is this how I want my digital garden to look? Maybe I need more interconnection among related concepts to properly reflect how they are linked in my mind. Or maybe leaving them as-is and linking as relevant is more... true to me? I feel having these discrete points of entry is useful in seeing what kinds of fauna live in my garden, and by exploring each corner you get a sense of the whole organism. Just ruminatinggg

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This morning, I race-walked nearly a mile in a downpour to see a doctor. Nothing serious. But to go from that to a crowded waiting room to a quiet, dimly lit exam room was sort of jarring. I walked another 2 miles or so afterward, not quite wanting to go home. Strangely, I wasn't very hungry, so I ate a small lunch while watching a longplay of Bloodborne. I think it's an incredible game for a number of reasons. The cosmic horror aspect of it is slowly unfolding in front of me, and every grotesque transformation draws me in deeper. I thought it was just some edgy game about bLoOd and cOrRuPtIoN, but now in the third hour of this LP, I'm seeing the links to traditional cosmic horror themes. You can't trust your eyes — not because they will lie, but because they will show you the terrible, incomprehensible truth, and it will drive you mad. Also love that (at least so far) they haven't name-dropped HPL or any of his characters. Incorrigible little man.

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I feel so restless today. I'm still adjusting to my antidepressant, which may be why. My mind keeps racing, so try as I might to slow down and relax, my thoughts won't rest. Luckily, I don't have much to do today; I've been reading and trying to organize thoughts. Everything that's here is actually copied in triplicate to other knowledge management systems as I try to figure out what works best for me. Worth the effort if I can figure out a system that works for me!

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Welcome to my digital garden! I'm not suuuuper sure how I'm going to go about this — perpetual work in progress. I hope to collect my notes here on various topics of study. This will be an exciting experiment in extending my self-study strategies to the digital realm. And I'll always be able to access my stuff, to boot! Please look around and learn with me; feel free to leave any comments you may have in my guestbook or on my profile. This site is generated by a Python script written by Blue Dot, with the layout heavily inspired by foollovers.

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I think I want to make a category for beekeeping. I won't be able to keep bees for a long while, but at least I'll have a good knowledge base to start from when I get around to it.

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