Snufkin's Digital Garden

I was in a discussion on Scuttlebutt about digital gardens, and Seán pointed out that

a lot of these newer ‘digital gardens’ which I’ve explored ... don’t feel particularly personal to me in the same way that, say, a journal does - or even a Neocities site. Like, they have a bunch of content, but very little aesthetic/personality. Automation / mechanization is useful, but can end up flattening an otherwise personal space into something which feels more like an encyclopedia than a journal.
This garden certainly has a sort encyclopedic feel, with its categories and such. Is this how I want my digital garden to look? Maybe I need more interconnection among related concepts to properly reflect how they are linked in my mind. Or maybe leaving them as-is and linking as relevant is more... true to me? I feel having these discrete points of entry is useful in seeing what kinds of fauna live in my garden, and by exploring each corner you get a sense of the whole organism. Just ruminatinggg

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