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These are some playlists I've put together and styled because I'm suuuper indecisive when it comes to styling my pages.

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Style ideas and some code drawn from Google Fonts Typographic Project.
Fonts from Google Fonts and various other sources. I thiiink they're all open source!
Background images: from this list (1), 1041uuu (2 & 3), and harvestpossum (4).

looking out, looking in

the window fogs faintly with your breath. you don't bother to wipe it away. you're entranced by the endless cosmos beyond, beckoning you onward.

  • Vigil Mass Effect Original Soundtrack
  • Echoes Pink Floyd
  • Holes Mercury Rev
  • Space Song Beach House
  • Your Time Has Come Artificial.Music
  • April 10,2019: Powehi - Image of a Black Hole Sleeping At Last

Night Drives to Nowhere

For those nights when the streets are illuminated by tiny orange suns that flicker past your dusty windows, the envy of moths.

  • HaylingFC Kahuna
  • Color of AutumnNujabes
  • RestPheeno
  • HomageMild High Club
  • Football HeadFlamingosis
  • Neon MoonCigarettes After Sex
  • Gucciomniboi
  • ParallaxHuez

you're hardly breathing

A rush of wind brings you back to the creak and rustle of bare branches above, to the chill that bites your fingertips. In the corner of your eye you see a deer bound into the snow.

  • fox tracks ― ludovico einaudi
  • winter morning i ― woodkid & nils frahm
  • italian winter ― august wilhelmsson
  • julia ― reeder
  • in another life when we are both cats ― hallucinogenius
  • a nearer sun ― the westerlies

first breath of spring

for the first time in months, the world seems to blink back.

  • Up and Down ― Judy Singh
  • Sunny & Cloudy ― Hans Wolfgang Ziegler
  • ゆらゆら ― YeYe
  • Break Up Together ― Theo Katzman
  • San Francisco Street ― Sun Rai
  • Birds of a Feather ― Vulfpeck ft Antwaun Stanley
  • I Know You Know ― Esperanza Spalding