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was watching trapeze and said to my mom: 'i should run away and be a circus clown.' w/o looking up she said: 'you don't have to run away to be a clown.'
05/25/2021, 17:04

watching columbo and like. women shoulda gone apeshit more often. don't slap that man about his head, punch his lights out
02/11/2022, 13:52

cracking my fingers and typing furiously on my pastel blue e-girl keyboard just doesn't produce neat pages like it used to
02/03/2022, 17:54

watching vids of suzumebachi (asian giant hornet) removal and i'm like... can i go incorporeal this summer please
01/23/2022, 22:33

the lesson here is that having low-level anxiety is great for being on time
12/11/2021, 09:39

for reference, the prep was: 1) putting on clothes, 2) filling up water, 3) putting wallet and keys in waist pack
12/11/2021, 09:39

after rigorously reviewing my hiking prep while falling asleep last night, i did it all this morning in 10 minutes and am now ready with 40 minutes to spare
12/11/2021, 09:38

ESPECIALLY after reviewing my budget and wiping down the counters! i feel so accomplished!!
11/28/2021, 16:55

the coolest part abt being an adult is i can simply sit in my home all evening and it's okay :)))
11/28/2021, 16:54

yeah i don't like TR it's like. JJBA power levels in a non-mystical modern setting? also it's pretty poorly put together u_u
11/07/2021, 14:40

watching Tokyo Revengers and I remember why I don't watch dramas at all... so frustrating
11/07/2021, 13:12

any time a show's like 'omg we did it :)' on episode 7/26 i wanna cry a lil
11/06/2021, 11:46

also my watchlist is getting so LONG it's embarrassing. finish jjk, osomatsu-san, start tokyo revengers... guhhhh
11/05/2021, 16:28

i be smilin real big in these orientation sessions just bc I'm so hype to see everyone soon!! this girl's moving next week!!!
11/05/2021, 16:25

just watched The Wind Rises... heart hurty
10/30/2021, 14:27

idk why all these other people are complaining abt the bentos, they're fine
10/30/2021, 11:19

a rainy morning in tokyo... living the weeb's dream lmao
10/26/2021, 07:15

my mom's been watching this Japanese dog rescue channel for the last 2 hrs... kawaiiiii
10/18/2021, 11:37

doing trivia and i feel more alive than i have in months
10/17/2021, 21:15

trying to figure out how to build an android app so i can use this microblog from my phone but my brain isn't on today
10/11/2021, 15:02

missed good public transit. thanks nyc u a real one
10/11/2021, 12:42

wow uploading everything is such a pain, and webdav is so slow... an exercise in patience
10/06/2021, 21:03

finally back lmao, made a lil blog thingy in hugo bc i can't stop adding completely different modules to my site
10/06/2021, 20:59

went for a run this morning and was both surprised and devastated to see i'm as slow as ever
09/05/2021, 10:00

realizing that renting a HOUSE in japan is super cheap? catch me in a big ass house at 23
07/14/2021, 12:47

was like 'dang wish i had more diagrams in my commonplace' and remembered i have a hand and a pen
06/22/2021, 16:30

my climbing shoes came and i want to go climbing NOW except I'm still hella sore from saturday u_u
06/22/2021, 12:19

finished ff tactics a2 a couple days ago and i feel so sad ;_;
06/21/2021, 09:36

impulse bought climbing shoes now i'm going to be a pointy footed little elf scrambling up walls
06/18/2021, 14:59

after a bazillion attempts at digital solutions, i think i keep/organize knowledge best on paper
06/16/2021, 20:42

rip current risk? uh-oh sisters
06/15/2021, 20:31

to quote horse-ebooks, 'everything happens so much'
06/13/2021, 09:40

just saw an ad for a movie on tv and I feel sooo uncomfortable
06/05/2021, 21:27

06/05/2021, 19:34

got sad bc i didn't pick up my library book on time and the hold expired :( but i already have 7 books checked out so
06/05/2021, 17:19

my cat keeps 'ah'-ing at me and staring at me :'( what's wrong bb
06/04/2021, 21:49

just finished viet thanh nguyen-edited essay collection by refugees, abt to read The Sympathizer... prepare to cry
06/02/2021, 12:53

you know i've just started working on sthg when my git commits are srs
06/02/2021, 12:05

working on a dA shrine and I think i'm about to have a stroke
06/01/2021, 10:48

tfw you just published a new page and you have three more wips 0w0
05/31/2021, 14:54

started freeCodeCamp and it's pretty fun! wish they did more JS DOM lessons tho
05/30/2021, 13:51

didn't get to go rollerskating before the storm arrived wehh
05/29/2021, 13:46

was tryna watch yt but got distracted daydreaming abt learning javascript...
05/28/2021, 18:33

i want to try a trapeze class but it's full ;_; maybe one day
05/25/2021, 19:21

wanna get more piercings all of a sudden
05/25/2021, 13:08

Can't wait to dig into She Would Be King by Wayetu Moore!
05/25/2021, 12:52

wishing I could somehow use this from my phone so my EVERY THOUGHT were on here but that's part of the joy, isn't it?
05/25/2021, 12:50

I think it worked! I think we're live! Yahoo!
05/25/2021, 12:42

Testing post_tweet_hook to automagically run the python script....
05/25/2021, 12:25

Decided to try this microblog thing. Using twtxt with a basic Python script I wrote to parse it and push to neocities. How's it looking?
05/25/2021, 12:23